Crime Stoppers

Law enforcement officers everywhere are being inundated with reports of metal thefts. Brothers Recycling is working with lawmakers to bring these criminals to justice. As of 2011, Brothers Recycling is a part of a revolutionary reporting system known as Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers helps law enforcement officers locate criminals responsible for stealing metal. Crime Stoppers provides law enforcement officers with a fast and easy way to view crime reports on the Internet, which allows officers to gain access to crime reports within seconds.

In the state of Alabama there is a new state law which targets thieves and the people who buy stolen merchandise. The statute Act 2007-451 took effect September 1st, 2010.

Act 2007-451 requires that metal buying companies can only buy metal from people with a valid government ID. In conjunction with the new law everyone who sells metal has to sign a statement confirming the metal being bought is in fact the seller’s property and it is not stolen metal. Furthermore, metal buying businesses must keep a written purchase log of what and how much is purchased from each customer. Act 2007-451 also restricts metal buying companies from paying cash for purchases over $1,000, as these purchases now must be completed by check.  Under the law, anyone who sells stolen metal to a recycler faces a Class A misdemeanor unless it’s worth more than 250 dollars. The crime then becomes a Class C felony.

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