Here at Brother’s Recycling, we have state-certified scales.  As you enter the gates at our facility, you will see  the 47-foot truck scale and also the 80 foot scale.  Our scales are inspected regularly, and our weigh masters are trained and certified.  Knowing this, you will know that you are getting your ACCURATE WEIGHT every time.

We offer a stamped weight ticket with every purchase, just ask.  We keep an accurate record of all the materials we buy. At Brother’s Recycling, we go above and beyond to help you with all your recycling needs.

And we’re STILL the #1 buyer of aluminum cans in Birmingham!

Auto Parts and Salvage Yards:

To our friends in the auto parts business – bring in your radiators, Wheels (steel or aluminum), Alternators and starters.

We also buy scrap cars if you have a title with matching VIN# and valid identification.


Plumbing and construction companies, bring your #1 and #2 Copper, Brass

Examples of Items that we DO except :

 Tin, Steel, Iron, Insulated Copper, Aluminum, Aluminum Cans, Batteries, Alternators/Starters, Stainless steel, Electric Motors/Compressors/Sealed units, and more

Examples of Items that we DO NOT except:

Railroad iron, Paper, Plastic, Man Hole Covers, Oxygen Tanks, Propane Tanks, Televisions, Garbage Cans, Glass, Wood, Dirt, Concrete…




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